I'm here to support you and to get you to a place of optimal health. I am excited to share with you my services including GI-MAP for gut health issues, aesthetic services and natural healing products. I've put together a collection of  information about my most effective wellness services and favorite products. I have created a place focused on keeping you well, vibrant and informed. 

I will guide you through your health journey

I have been a practicing Physician Assistant for over 12 years and an Essential Oil Expert. I am so happy you are ready to start your journey to improve your physical and mental health. I am the ideal person to guide you as I have years of experience with both Modern and Natural medicine. 

I believe in the 3 tiers of living: Feeling, Looking and Living

Heal your gut with a GI-MAP™ test

Almost everyone can benefit from a GI-MAP test. Whether you are looking to improve your overall health, or have been struggling with issues for years, the GI-MAP will give a detailed analysis of your  gut microbiome, allowing us to create a customized plan to help restore balance and 


Aesthetic Services
Health is made from the inside out. As a holistic practitioner I look at a patient as a whole person. I am excited to also offer aesthetic services such as neuromodulator injections, chemical peels, skin care consults and for qualified patients Migraine therapeutic treatment. When we look our best, we feel our best. I believe in whole body wellness-- I believe in medicine, nature and healing. I offer these limited aesthetic services because I have experienced them and their benefits to looking and feeling better. 


I love to educate my patient about living a non-toxic lifestyle. Toxins are always in our environment, food, products and there are many things we can do to lower our toxic load. Many times disease stems from a toxic environment in our body. Follow along for tips and tricks and some of my favorite products to decrease our toxic load.

doTERRA is my favorite company for essential oils as they are the purest, most tested and most trusted essential oil company. They source their oils from all over the world and are the pioneers in humanitarian outreach. 

I offer essential oil education and wellness consults. During a wellness consult, I review all doTERRA products you may have recently purchased, I work with you to create a treatment plan on how to incorporate oils and other non-toxic products into your home. I review ailments you would like to target using oils and help you build a daily routine to incorporate this lifestyle into your home.