Jamie Oakley

Hey! i'm Jamie!

I have always been fascinated by the human body and medicine so becoming a PA felt like it was what I was meant to do. I became aware and enthralled with natural medicine in 2010 when my doggie (my heart!) was diagnosed with bone cancer. We did what I was told and followed the conventional approach to treat with chemotherapy and eventually had to amputate her front leg due to a fracture. I was told she would have "3-6 month to live." This was completely devastating, but then everything changed when I found a holistic veterinarian who happened to be the president of the American Holistic Veterinary Association. He changed my life- he helped me keep my dog alive for 2 more quality years. He opened my eyes to a world where herbs, plants and homeopathics were medicine. I had never known about "natural medicine" before and at this point I was hooked and wanted to learn more. 

I graduated from PA school in 2012 and have worked in many fields including Primary Care, Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine and Geriatrics. In 2014 my first son was born and I was again introduced to natural medicine in the form of Essential Oils. Again, my life was forever changed when I started integrating doTERRA essential oils into my home. I now use oils for almost every ailment I come across for myself, my husband and my 3 children. Also our dog and my patients! 

My passion will always be with medicine and healing our bodies. Through my training and personal experience I use an integrative holistic approach. I believe our bodies can heal when they are given the correct support by using functional medicine testing and a foundational medicine treatment approach. Medication can be appropriate at times, however, my first line is always a more natural process to support our body to be able to heal itself.


Navigating the healthcare field can seem really overwhelming and scary for many. In addition, the idea of taking your healthcare into your own hands can seem almost impossible. As a Physician Assistant, I've spent years studying medicine and helping myself, and others, establish safe and healthy natural protocols for overall wellness.  It is through my own search for natural alternatives that I discovered dōTERRA essential oils. I am so honored to bring this knowledge to you on your own journey towards wellness.


Your gastrointestinal system does so much more than digest food. Your gut health can be linked back to everything from hormone balance, mood regulation, immune function and even sleep. I utilize a test called GI-MAP™ to scientifically determine what could be causing some of the systemic problems that are negatively impacting your life. Together we will put together a customized plan to help you begin taking control of your gut health.


Health is made from the inside out. As a holistic practitioner I look at a patient as a whole person. I am excited to also offer aesthetic services such as neuromodulator injections, chemical peels, skin care consults and for qualified patients Migraine therapeutic treatment. When we look our best, we feel our best. I believe in whole body wellness-- I believe in medicine, nature and healing. I offer these limited aesthetic services because I have experienced them and their benefits to looking and feeling better.